Become power independent by using the sun's solar energy

Botswana is the perfect place for producing your own power by harnessing solar energy. As a nation we suffer from power supply instability. Transmission infrastructure is old and prone to fail and the power stations are unreliable. Solar power gives you energy independence while at the same time reducing your monthly energy bills.  Gaborone based Widowbird Solar Power systems maximise the use of Botswana's abundance of sun energy (300 clear days a year) and draw on solar power in preference to Botswana Power Corporation ("BPC") electricity.  It works seamlessly so no light flickering or power surges.  If the load can be covered entirely by solar then it will be.  If the load needs a little BPC power then it will keep using all the available solar power while taking the deficit from BPC.   In the event of a power cut, a battery bank can provide your power needs.

Go solar and save money from Day 1

BPC prices are increasing an average 12% every year.  On the other hand solar power system prices (solar panels, inverters and batteries) have fallen an average 10% every year over the last five years and 5-6% every year for the 10 years before that.  You may be surprised to hear solar power per unit of energy produced  is now cheaper than coal.  What this means for you is that its cheaper than ever to install solar and because the cost of BPC power increases every year, your solar system pays for itself very quickly.

Help the environment everyday

Solar energy is Botswana's greatest untapped natural resource. Solar creates 96% less CO2 than coal, Botswana's only other source of energy.  The world is adopting renewable energy at an impressive rate.  What could be better than doing your bit to save the environment while saving yourself money at the same time?