Advantages of Solar

Just as our planet does, everything in our lives revolves around the sun. Solar power is a virtually endless, renewable source of power that creates no pollution. Still, despite the many advantages of solar energy, Botswana still relies almost entirely on polluting fossil fuels. However, a solar revolution is afoot. Today, companies — like Widowbird - Solar Solutions — are part of the vast green energy movement that helps homeowners install solar systems.

Advantages of Solar Energy

1. After an initial investment, solar power is incredibly cheap. Technology has brought costs for solar power way down, and thanks to government incentives, Americans now have the ability to free themselves from the high cost of energy, by harnessing the sun’s energy through solar panels. Switching to solar is fast, easy and a sound financial move.

2. Solar power systems require very little maitenance. There are many mechanical advantages to going solar. Solar power systems have a very small number of moving parts, run silently, are highly reliable and require almost no maintenance, if any. In fact, they’re so reliable that organizations use them to independently run warning signals, navigational buoys, aircraft warning lights and railroad crossing signs. Once you purchase and install a solar power system, there are very few recurring costs, and these systems can be expanded as energy needs grow.

3. Going solar releases you from the price fluctuations of the grid. Batswana with their own solar power systems don’t have to worry about energy price hikes from BPC every year as much. By going solar now, homeowners can lock in their own low energy costs and power their homes. Even as neighbours pay more for energy every year, discerning consumers can keep their costs low for the life of the system. 

4. A switch to solar can increase a home’s value. For every Pula in energy a homeowner saves with a solar system, it also adds between BWP100 and BWP200 to a home’s value. As a result, if a system cuts energy costs by BWP5,000 a year, it will add between BWP50,000 and BWP100,000 to the home’s value.

5. Solar power works even when it's not always sunny. Some people think that solar only works on sunny days, but that’s not true. Solar panels still work on cloudy days as well. The world’s current solar energy leader is Germany, and many people in Alaska also use solar, even if much of the state can be dark for months at a time.  Botswana is one of the best places in the world to instal solar because of all the sun we get.

6. Sunshine is free and virtual endless. How much energy do you think it takes to power the entire country for a whole year? A lot, right? Well that much solar energy hits Botswana every 30 seconds.  Coal power is becoming harder and harder to finance.  Botswana's alternatives are gas and solar.

7. Solar energy is more environmentally friendly. Solar energy has a huge positive impact on the environment, exponentially when you consider the damage done by burning dirtier fuel sources. Solar power actually reduces greenhouse gas and heavy metal emissions by at least 89% when compared with traditional power plants, and even the manufacturing of solar cells creates 90% fewer pollutants than conventional fossil fuels.

8. A solar system can provide a back up in the event of a power cut.  When the lights go off because of a storm or load shedding a better back up system can ensure that you still have power.   LED and CFL lights, new energy efficient fridges and TVs all make running a house much easier off a battery back up providing you with a secure night's sleep knowing your alarm is working, your lights are on and your food will stay frozen.