Going solar is easy - 5 simple steps with us guiding you all the way

Step 1 - call us for a free consultation.

Step 2 - we visit your premises and talk through the options

Step 3 - we design a system and provide a quote

Step 4  - we install the system

Step 5 - the system is activated, your premises starts running on the sun and you start saving money on your BPC bill from Day 1.*

*A fairly common example of a home solar system for a 3-4 bedroom house would consist of 12x 250W solar panels, a 3kVa inverter, a 5KWh lithium ion battery, a charge controller and a colour controller (which allows you and us to monitor and tweak your system remotely - via the internet).  This system will typically see your solar system providing between 30 - 40% of your daily energy needs.