Botswana's Ministry of Environment releases EOI for 200MW of solar power

Through the Department of Meteorological Services, the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism ("MENT")  has released an expression of interest for 200MW of solar power.  The EOI proposes 100MW of on grid solar power, 50MW of off grid power for the town of Kasane and 50MW of additional off grid solar power for selected communities and institutions at strategic locations around Botswana.  

The Ministry states as its aim for the projects as being energy security, a reduction in tariffs and to ease access to clean power for rural communities.

Bidders must be able to demonstrate that they have completed projects of at least 300MW in the last 4 years.

The successful bidders will be assisted by MENT to access the green climate fund through the identification of a national implementation entity.  The bidders should also be open to manufacturing solar panels in Botswana.